Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greetings from Malaysia!

EEeeeeeekkkkhhhhh!!!! A Bug Collector??!!!...
Hmm, That's a reaction  I normally get when I introduce myself...

Yup! a Bug Collector I am, but not bugs of the six legged kind but of the four wheeled kind. WHAT??!!...what kind of mutated species has wheels instead of legs? Well, they're a species that was first discovered in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1938...

"The Volkswagen species!" 

This blog has been created to show you some of these special bugs that have made their way here to Malaysia.  We have eight VW's in the 'Khoo' family, we've a stock '62 bug, my sister also drives a stock '66 bug and I have a '65  callook bug , a '68 baja bug '61 Samba, a '66 Australian kombi, a '73 Bay window bus and my latest addition is a '89 Syncro Vanagon. 

The eight VW's are all known here as the cars of the 'Airkhool'd VW klub'(latest is watercooled). Here's some old and new pics of our collection during the years...Enjoy!
1966 Australian Kombi
1973 Bay Window bus
1962 Beetle
My sister's 1966 bug- photo by Eugene Khoo
Flower Power!
Can you see the KHOO? This is our family logo. email me at

1965 Cal look
bug and bus

My 2 VW Split buses

'61 Samba in a padi (rice) field in north Malaysia...sunroof and 8 skylight windows sealed by previous owner cause it leaked!... will re-open during restoration

'61 Samba Converse painted

Sister's '66 Bug

Bugfest 1999, Johor
My '65 in old white colour
Ipoh '98
Ipoh 1998

Star of the show at "Retro Boogie" annual dinner in JW Marriot, Kuala Lumpur.

Bay bus at KL JW Marriot

Interior...rear bench seat converts into a bed!
Retro Boogie!
Hippie mobile

Samba is now restored (10/2011) Paul Frank bus!

and now

Introducing the latest addition...
Vanagon Syncro

6 letters that say it all!!!

The Masters of 4WD....PUCH...

Awesome van is nothing with a lousy driver!

1968 Baja bug coming soon....make sure you come back!!